• David Tyrer

Everton scouts reckons LFC defence leaves 'a lot to be desired'

So you know when you hear somebody say something and your only reaction is to look on with bafflement and wonder.

That moment came today, when reading quotes from Everton scout Carlo Jacomuzzi (heard of him? Nah, us neither) about Liverpool's defence.

The Italian was speaking to Radio Kiss (via Sport Witness), when he said: "Liverpool are one of the best teams in Europe, but they are certainly not unbeatable."

Sure, we're not unbeatable, but nobody has ever claimed we were. However, the next statement he makes just makes you laugh, when you consider how strong our defence is.

He continued: "The Reds leave a lot to be desired in defence. They have a team devoted to attacking. Home or away, there isn’t much difference because they always go for victory and try to make a game of it.

"Napoli will have to be very careful and mature and not take any unnecessary risks because Liverpool are very impressive on the counter.

"I’m also convinced that Carlo Ancelotti will be able to adopt the best moves to achieve an important result against Jürgen Klopp."

If you're going to pick out a part of Jurgen Klopp's current team to pinpoint as a weakness, it isn't the area that has conceded 27 league goals in the last 43 games.

But then you'd expect nothing less from an Everton member of staff, as the bitterness seems to automatically seep into their bodies from the minute they join the club.


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