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  • David Tyrer

Egypt tactical change due to Salah's long Liverpool season

You couldn't make it up really, an international coach blaming a lengthy - and successful - domestic season on the player not being in optimal condition to be used fully.

During last season Mo Salah was wrapped in cotton wool, such was the way opposition teams feared him. And when Liverpool lost him for the Champions League final it was a veritable disaster for us.

The fact that he was only partly available for his country at the World Cup was no doubt awful for the player himself, but for Liverpool fans we were more concerned with losing out on the Champions League.

Likewise, the claims today from Egypt assistant boss, Tito Garcia, will similarly have Liverpool fans shrugging their shoulders.

Speaking about how Salah is being used by his country during the AFCON, Garcia said:"We considered using him as a striker against Zimbabwe from the game's start, but Salah was not in top form physically due to his long season with Liverpool, so he started in his regular position.

"Salah, with his great capacities, is capable of playing in any position and performing well."

Not entirely sure what the Egypt coach would want Jurgen Klopp to do, really. Maybe rest Mo more next season so he's fit for a few qualifying games at the end of the season? You really would think that the player's nations pay their wages year on year. Madness.

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