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  • David Tyrer

Drake & LeBron James brought up in Nike's case to become Liverpool's new sponsors

The court case between LFC, Nike and New Balance got underway this morning, as the battle to become the Reds' new kit sponsors started heating up.

New Balance have activated a clause in the deal originally signed in 2011, that says they can match any new offer and it has to be accepted if they do.

But Liverpool are now arguing that they simply don't have the same pull world-wide as Nike, who have offered the club a very lucrative £30 million a year base sponsorship, with an extra 20% of all sales of LFC related products in their worldwide chain of stores and suppliers.

We won't bore you with the details of that particular battle, as that will no doubt be covered by most other, more established news outlets in great detail.

But one amusing point that was raised today when Mr Morpuss , QC for the Reds, argued that Nike have a list of over 100 'influencers' who could 'help their case', such as Drake and LeBron James, whilst New Balance only had 'celebrities' such as Jaden Smith.

The sitting judge, Mr Justice Teare, denied that this had any relevance at all to the case, thankfully (via the Liverpool Echo). This will no doubt drag on for a while longer yet.

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