• David Tyrer

Crouchie felt sick watching Liverpool tear Barca apart

According to former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch, he 'felt sick' as we tore Barcelona apart in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Crouchie, currently playing his football at Burnley, wrote for his Daily Mail column that he'd had the chance to come to the match, but turned that down.

He said: "When I look back at my final words in last week’s column, I find myself wincing. You may remember the subject was Lionel Messi and I stated it should be on your bucketlist to go to watch him.

"I had the chance on Tuesday but turned it down. I was only up the road in Burnley! What was I thinking? As Liverpool tore Barcelona to shreds to start an outstanding week for English clubs in Europe, I felt sick.

"Not only did I miss the opportunity to see the greatest footballer of all time, I missed one of the greatest sporting events, too. I assumed Barcelona would score an away goal and cruise into the Champions League final — but what Liverpool did to come back was sensational.

"It was a privilege to play in a semi-final but what I saw was miles ahead of the night when I was involved against Chelsea in 2007. I wouldn’t say it was better than Istanbul, as that was a final, but I will stick this statement out there: Beating Barcelona was Anfield’s greatest night. When I look back at my final words in last week’s column, I find myself wincing."


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