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  • David Tyrer

Crooks: Don't give Klopp credit for Henderson 'revival'

According to the BBC's resident 'team of the week' picker, Garth Crooks, Jordan Henderson's return to a more advanced midfield position will almost single-handedly have won us the title, should we win it.

But Jurgen Klopp deserves little credit for that, according to the pundit. You see, Crooks thinks that Jurgen 'dropped' the captain and Henderson alone is responsible for his resurgence in recent games.

In his 'team of the week' nonsense that he's written for this week's games, he said: "If Liverpool do happen to win the title, the return to form of Jordan Henderson will have had a lot to do with it.

"How much credit Jurgen Klopp will take for that remains to be seen. It was Klopp who dropped Henderson - harshly in my view - but the reaction of the Liverpool captain has been quite remarkable.

"Henderson was outstanding against Southampton (where he came on after 59 minutes) and again against Chelsea.

"I don't know who will take the credit for Henderson's resurgence but putting him on the bench clearly focussed his thoughts."

The BBC pundit has had a few digs - harshly in our view - at Klopp this season. To the point that you wouldn't think that his team currently sat top of the Premier League.

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