• David Tyrer

Could Trent move into midfield for LFC?

It's been discussed by fans before, but since the mid-point of 2017-18 Trent has been considered our first choice right-back.

He then travelled with England over the summer as the back-up right-back and started this season as one of the highest rated full-backs in Europe.

But there's always been an idea bubbling under with Reds that he's too good to stay there, and should be moved forward over the next few years. And now the player himself has hinted at that possibility.

When asked on the Premier League show by Gary Lineker, Trent admitted it was a possibility, he said: "That's up to the manager. I'm happy to play wherever he puts me I think.

"Right now obviously he sees me as a full-back and I’m more than happy playing there.

"I think it’s important to bring different dimensions to the position."

So, while he's not quite revealed any grand plan to play in midfield next season, he certainly isn't ruling it out in the future, either.


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