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  • David Tyrer

Comedian Alison Becker loves relationship with Liverpool fans

It's been a crazy 18 months since Alisson Becker joined the Reds, winning the Champions League, setting league records at the club and being voted the best keeper in the world.

But it's been an equally interesting and fun year for actress and comedian Alison Becker as well, who many Liverpool fans are still mistaking for the Reds goalie.

The Parks and Recreation star has fully embraced the 'banter' though, and can often be seen Tweeting in response to fans now before they've even mistaken her for the keeper!

And in an interview today with, she has spoken of the fun it's been for her and Liverpool fans alike. She said: "The LFC fans have just been so embracing and absolutely lovely.

"I first found that we shared a name before he joined Liverpool, just because I'm a human being and I Google myself!

"When he joined Liverpool, I kind of wrote out a joke Tweet before he made it official and the response was just shocking to me.

"I think the reason it got picked up is because - even though I'm definitely not as famous as he is, I'm an actor here and have the verified blue checkmark on Twitter - people just skimming and seeing the checkmark on Twitter must have assumed I was him. That was when it really blew up in a great way."

But while it's all fun and games, she does admit that some fans still don't get the joke and genuinely mistake her. She has also come in for criticism a few times as well, which she just shuts down right away.

She continued: "Many did mistake me at first and many still do," she admits. "After a game I'll get a lot of Tweets.

"Some of them I can tell are in on the joke and some of them will just lay into me about how well they well think I did.

"If anyone is in on the joke I love it. But if anyone comes at me with criticism, I'll just come back with something like, 'Well, at least I can tell the difference between a male goalkeeper and female comedian!'"

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