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  • David Tyrer

Collymore: 'Monday was the day UEFA died'

On Monday the Court of Arbitration for Sport to overturn UEFA's decision to ban Manchester City from Europe for two years.

Instead, the ban, and 30 million Euro fine, was reduced to just a 10 million Euro fine. A literal pittance to a club of City's wealth.

I'll forego the conspiracy theories and outlandish claims of bribery, as it seems that no amount of money in the world, or evidence, could convict Man City now.

But Stan Collymore has had his say in his Daily Mirror column this morning. He said: "Monday was the day UEFA died, because the ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to overturn Manchester City’s Champions League ban means they can’t even uphold their own rules these days.

"All the ruling has done is send a message to every club in UEFA’s 53 countries that, if they have a wealthy owner, they can pump in as much money as they like and the only punishment will be a 10million euros fine every now and then.

"Owners of clubs such as City, Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich could find such an amount down the backs of their sofas.

"This isn’t just about City. Loads of clubs have been taking the mickey for a long time.

"But yesterday was a good day for Pep Guardiola’s club and a bad day for football."

Of course, whilst Collymore mentions Liverpool, along with the likes of Man Utd and Bayern Munich, those three can hardly be counted amongst the likes of PSG, Man City and Real Madrid, who are all seemingly state-owned (and very rich states at that).

So Collymore is right, in that sense, the ruling by CAS has opened the door - even floodgates - to those clubs now to continue buying their success without restraint.

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