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  • David Tyrer

City still talking about Liverpool a week after title win

You would've thought, with all the goings on this week, that Man City would just revel in their title win and enjoy the moment. They are literally the first side to win back-to-back Premier Leagues for many years, have 5 of the last 6 domestic titles.

Yet, all talk this week, whether from the manager or players (forget the fans, we know their obsession already!) has been about Liverpool.

Speaking in his pre-FA Cup final presser on Friday, Guardiola said: "I feel our fans in the street, the letters I receive from the people. They are incredibly satisfied.

"Liverpool have gone 29 years without winning the Premier League - it's normal people are waiting for them finally to win.

"If Liverpool had won the Premier League it would have been an 'incredible' achievement. When City win it is, 'oh, it's okay. It's an achievement'.

"I think we did an incredible two seasons, but to be the best you have to do it a bit longer. I'm not going to say it's the best when you have Sir Alex Ferguson's period at United or Liverpool and Bob Paisley in the 1980s."

So it would appear that Guardiola's issue is that, despite winning the title again, Liverpool are still the main story. That could be because the relative size of the club's is incomparable, but rather than simply enjoy their success in it's own right, all the talk is of LFC.

Similarly, Man City's own Kevin De Bruyne got into a little discussion about Liverpool in the Telegraph, saying: "It’s a remarkable effort, but it means that we were just better than them in the end.

"I don’t feel sorry for them, because I don’t think they’d feel sorry for us.

"I don’t think anybody felt sorry about the way we went out of the Champions League (to Tottenham). You take it."

Well, one thing that any Liverpool fan can say for sure is, if we win the Champions League in two week's time, the last thing we'll be thinking about is Guardiola's side!




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