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Christmas Feature: Top 10 Liverpool players for 2019 (Part 1)

Apart from some tired old features on Sky Sports or re-hashed articles on, there's little for Reds fans to really get their teeth into today.

So, for that reason, we've put together our 'best Liverpool players of 2019'. The list is based on performances, impact, influence and stats but it largely subjective. Let us know your thoughts or your list in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.

Starting with..

10. Fabinho - The defensive midfielder was little known, other than to European footie officianados when he arrived at the club last summer. His start didn't help with that either.

It took until December of last year before we really started to see the best of him, and even then there were some blips.

But once he won his place in the team, there really was no looking back and he - and the team itself - went from strength to strength. Literally, in the sense that he suffered just two defeats when he played, from December, and one of those he had to play at centre back.

The classy DM would go on to become the best player in his position in the Premier League by the end of 2019, possibly in Europe. He also ended it as a European, and World Champion. He can't come back quick enough.

Appearances: 44

Goals: 1

Assists: 2

9. Joel Matip - It may seem strange to have Matip in our top 10 but show us a better defender outside of Virgil Van Dijk (he really is out on his own here) than Joel Matip.

There aren't any who have had a better 2019 than Matip, despite his recent injury. He's upped his game to levels which nobody deemed him capable and had some standout displays in a Red shirt.

He actually started last season down in 4th as our last hope amongst the 4 central defenders. He ended last season in arguably better form than VVD.

One thing that is for sure, he started this season in better form than our masterful Dutchman, which is why his injury was greeted with such concern.

Van Dijk may have made us a defensive rock again, but Matip has almost matched him step-by-step. Much like Fabinho, his return can't come soon enough for the team.

Appearances: 32

Goals: 2

Assists: 1

8. Gini Wijnaldum - This year was the year that Gini finally came to be appreciated for what he does well, as opposed to what he doesn't do for us (but does for Holland).

The 28 year old midfielder has long been seen as a player that 'ghosts' through games, such is the nature of his style of play under Klopp.

But nobody gets through more work. Nobody retains possession as well, or recycles it as well as Gini does. He's invaluable and you only notice his usefulness when he's not there.

He made some telling contributions and became a truly indispensable part of our midfield but his undoubted standout moment was his substitute appearance in the 2nd leg against Barcelona.

His first goal pulled us back to 3-2, his 2nd of the night pulled us 3 ahead on the night, level on aggregate and set up one of the greatest nights in Anfield history.

Much like numbers 10 and 9 on this list, Gini is currently out injured, and many fans are finally missing what he brings to the midfield; i.e. balance and stability. Come back soon Gini.

Appearances: 48

Goals: 7

Assists: 0

7. Jordan Henderson - It's bizarre to think that it's been a tough 12 months for Henderson, but it has, all the same.

The 30 year old as lifted the Champions League, Super Cup and most recently, became a World Champion but the level of appreciation for him was at all time low levels in 2019.

Which is why his place on this top 10 list is all the more deserved. Henderson has been one of the fulcrums of the team this year. Filling in where needed, taking the brunt of the fan's ire and just generally leading from the front.

He's also played more games than most, rarely missing a game and it's the first year in a long time that he hasn't suffered greatly with serious injury.

He also became the only captain in Liverpool history to lead his team to an international treble. Only the sixth to lift the Champions League and the first in history to lift the FIFA Club World Cup. He truly became a Liverpool legend in 2019. Well done, Hendo.

Appearances: 46

Goals: 2

Assists: 7

6. Mo Salah - For many, Mo may be a little lowly placed. He's had another very strong year in 2019, despite not reaching the levels of 2018 in terms of goals and assists.

The personal accolades were not flowing quite so much either, but his team work became more prominent as the year progressed. And despite calls throughout the year that he was becoming a bit greedy, his contributions overall were greatly enhanced.

But he was also the player for the big moment, as demonstrated from the spot in the first minute of the Champions League final.

For Liverpool, though, Salah's reputation often goes before him and that is all that's needed for the rest of the team, as they benefit from - and revel in - his presence, as he leaves the opposition floundering to try to double, triple and - often - quadruple mark him.

Salah is one of the the best forwards in the world, he's also easily top 5, if not top 3, players in the world and can be the best on his day.

He may not have reached the heights of his first season in 2019, but he still clocked up one of the single best years a Liverpool player has produced and reached 120 goals and assists in an incredible 128 games. In 2019 alone he hit 36 goals and assists in 50 games. Amazing.

Appearances: 50

Goals: 24

Assists: 12

Come back on Boxing Day for the second part!

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