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  • David Tyrer

Chelsea are manufactured, Liverpool aren't, says Simon Jordan

After Frank Lampard's childish outburst following his side's defeat to Liverpool at the end of last season, the press have been playing up 'Liverpool vs Chelsea' again.

That is likely to reach fever pitch by this Sunday, as the Reds travel to London to take on Lampard's side, fresh from a summer of spending obscenely once again.

The pressure is firmly on Lampard this season, after just about scraping the bare minimum of what was expected last season, and with buying success once again on Abramovich's agenda, Chelsea will be expected to maintain a season-long title challenge.

But talkSPORT's Simon Jordan thinks that that's where the two club's similarities end. Speaking earlier, he said: "Nation states and oligarchs are driving football clubs in a certain direction…

"But Liverpool are a natural, organically iconic football club and, with respect to Chelsea, they are not. They’re a manufactured club on the demands of one man’s incredible wealth.

"The notion that Liverpool have somehow spent big, that’s a little bit silly really, because Liverpool sold £150million Coutinho which funded Virgil van Dijk’s move.

"So, if you’re going to draw a parallel with the £75m they spent on Van Dijk, Frank, do it between the £75m Liverpool spent and the £75m you spent on your goalkeeper – see if that works!

"If Liverpool have sold £200m worth of players, say Suarez and Coutinho, over the last five years and have spent £350m in that time, then they’ve spent a net of £30m a year.

"That’s not bad for a club that’s just destroyed the Premier League last season before the lockdown!"

He's a bit of an irritant at times, and comes across as an opinionated plant-pot, but it's refreshing to hear somebody that isn't LFC related in football talk sense about our spending for once.

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