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  • David Tyrer

Cascarino - Salah "dive" an insult to Nobby Stiles' memory

Leave it to English pundits to make such completely outlandish, disgusting and borderline libellous claims about what was a perfectly legitimate penalty (and not a dive) by Mo Salah.

This time, it's the English-born (and not in the slightest bit Irish) Tony Cascarino, claiming that Mo Salah's dive was an insult to the game that Nobby Stiles played and loved in the 60's.

The former Ireland international hilariously claims to be a Liverpool fan, which is utter drivel, of course but it's the disgusting and insulting claims that Salah is the problem with the modern game, and an insult to a recently deceased player's memory. Grim reading.

He 'wrote' in the Times: "I am a Liverpool supporter but I hated to see Mohamed Salah dive to win the penalty against West Ham.

"In the week when we lost Nobby Stiles, to see a player do what Salah did makes me think that the game as it was played by the England team of 1966 will be gone completely within the next ten years.

"Imagine showing that generation an example of what they would have considered cheating being rewarded in that way.

"The culture started to change during my playing career and now when I watch kids football they are all as good at diving as they are at everything else."

I'd like to assume that Cascarino had already written his article before the Newcastle, or particularly the Spurs game, because he'd have caught England international Calum Wilson taken a somewhat... exaggerated tumble to win a penalty.

Then, of course, there was the England captain himself a couple of hours later, diving his way through 90 minutes and winning a couple of penalties the exact same way.

Of course, what that ignores, is that Cascarino, like many on these Isles, has an issue with foreign players. It's nothing to do with diving, it's to do with the conception that it's foreign players - and them alone - that perpetuate diving, cheating and feigning injury.




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