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  • David Tyrer

Cascarino: Liverpool won't go season unbeaten

Leave it to a man that's never had much of a soft spot for LFC to try and ruin the fun, despite all indications being that nobody in the Premier League is beating Liverpool in current form.

Even last night, when Norwich managed to keep things level longer than anyone else has managed for most of the season, we still found a way to win the game.

There's an argument to be made that once things are finally wrapped up, and European football starts to take precedence, that we might start ease of domestically.

But Jurgen Klopp won't allow his players to just dial it in each week, and the players themselves will be keen to break as many records as possible.

According to Tony Cascarino though, it'll end eventually and won't last the season. He told talkSport (via the Evening Standard): "I think they will get beat.

"I have said it all along. My reason is purely down to that they’ll have the league done and dusted by the end of February.

"It’ll nearly be mathematically impossible for anyone to get them, and we aren’t far from that already and I think they’ll change their formation, their team because of the Champions League and I think they’ll get beat along the way."

Who knows, perhaps the former Chelsea striker is right. If you offered us just the title now, we'd take it. But once it's wrapped up, there's no doubting the players and fans will want to break a few more records on the way as well.

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