• David Tyrer

Carragher takes on Duncan agent Saif Rubie but backs Bobby himself

It's almost as if the season had started too well, with the Reds top of the Premier League, having won the Super Cup and looking in good shape.

So having a player seemingly unsettled was not what we needed so early on in the season. At least it isn't one of the first-team squad players but Bobby Duncan's agent Said Rubie seems hellbent on causing as much collateral damage as possible so it may as well be.

The player's agent has, as previously mentioned, accused the club of many iniquities, from bullying, to breaking promises to, basically, forcing Duncan to stay at the club.

The club has since released a statement denying all allegations, and the player's agent has yet to retract or amend any of his statements.

But former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher has Tweeted his support of the club and the player, but denounced Saif Rubie on Twitter. Check out the thread below:


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