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  • David Tyrer

Carragher on why City have stumbled more than expected

After last season, many believed that the only way to beat Man City to a 2nd consecutive Premier League title was if City became a bit complacent and picked up less points.

All sounds a little obvious but that's exactly what's happened. Nobody could've expected it but 4 league defeats already from 24 matches so far, with Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs yet to play.

What was even less expected was that it'd be Liverpool taking advantage and currently sit 5 points ahead of last season's Champions.

Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of today's match with Arsenal at the Etihad stadium, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher said: "The game has become too easy for them and they’ve become bored. It explains the defeats for me because in terms of the Chelsea game they lost, City played well that day. Very well. It wasn’t a poor performance, it was one of those things that happen and you’ve just got to accept it."

City will be looking to 'bounce back' again after losing a 4th game of the season to Newcastle Utd on Tuesday night. Arsenal may give them a perfect opportunity to do that, being a team that doesn't particularly do defending in the traditional bus-parking sense.

Carragher continued: "Watching them at Newcastle the other night, it was almost like a testimonial. The game becomes slow and lethargic. They are that good, they got 100 points last season which is unbelievable and they still have a good points tally now, whether they win the league or not.

"That is the problem though, that sort of switching off in games. That’s the big thing for Pep Guardiola and getting that mentality right in those games."

The former Red had his say on City's wobbles

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