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  • David Tyrer

Carragher: Liverpool's Fabinho the best DM in the Premier League

Let's be honest, we're all surprised to hear Jamie Carragher saying something positive about Liverpool or a player of ours, but it's nice all the same.

Against Burnley last night Fabinho was, once again, almost immaculate and dominated the midfield and made a very hard-working and competent home midfield look clueless.

But Fabinho has been doing this since mid-way through last season and has only seemed to start improving this season, something which Carragher reckons has now made him undoubtedly the best in the league.

Speaking on Sky Sports after the match last night, he said: "I actually think he’s the best in the Premier League now in that position.

"Fernandinho looks like he’s fading out of the City team and Rodri is just coming in but I think since Christmas when he came in [to the team] you could argue he was Liverpool’s best player last season.

"Right now I think he’s the best in that position. I think Liverpool paid between £40-50m, it was a few quid, he had a difficult start but that’s where Liverpool have improved this season.

"If you think of the start of last season how well they were playing but they didn’t have Fabinho."

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