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  • David Tyrer

Carragher: Liverpool 'forgot who they were up against' at Man Utd

Bloody hell, the match hasn't even kicked off yet and Jamie Carragher is already sticking the boot in on his old club.

The former Liverpool player has come in for a great deal of criticism for his perceived negative attitude he's taken to his former club in the past 18 months. Much of Carragher's commentary is often on a downer on Liverpool, even when they're cruising.

So leave it to the Sky Sports man to get started on the Reds long before the match has even kicked off today.

You see, Liverpool didn't just have an off day last weekend, they weren't just suffering a post-international break hangover at a ground where we traditionally get nothing from officials and, in recent seasons, have to face a side that only want to stop us scoring.

No, according to Carragher Liverpool were actually quite disrespectful of United and 'forgot who we were playing against'.

On Sky Sports, he said: "I think the response will be getting back to what they have been doing all season. I think that was the first time you could really accuse Liverpool of that.

"I think me and Gary (Neville) were speaking about it in commentary 'they're playing the occasion', thinking of the record at Manchester United. I actually think it was the other way around.

"I think they went in and thought we're only playing United, they're 14th in the league and forgot who they were. It was like they didn't think it was going to be a derby game.

"It was until the second half and Fabinho left one on Daniel James, van Dijk did the same, but they still couldn't get back to the levels they have shown this season to go on and win the game.

"They were poor and they were outfought and it was as if they forgot who they were up against in a huge derby game."


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