• David Tyrer

Carra's title race comments will have Man City fans crying

As a Sky Sports pundit, you're supposed to stay neutral. At least that's the common conception, just don't tell Gary Neville that.

But where Jamie Carragher is concerned, if he shows the slightest inclination toward Liverpool he's accused of being biased and shouldn't work for Sky at all.

So his latest comments are likely to upset Man City and 'neutral' fans a great deal. Talking to the Liverpool Echo, Carra said: "It's very tight. City are in pole position. I still think City are big favourites as they've been there before and they have got that lead.

"Will there be bumps in the road? None I hope, hopefully there are a few for City.

"I think both teams will drop points and I expect it to go right to the wire. It's going to be a great end to the season, really exciting.

"It's exciting as it's not just the Premier League Liverpool are going for, it's the Champions League as well. Credit to the manager and the players for putting themselves in a great position."

With 7 Premier League games to go, the team are certainly in a great position and hopefully Carragher's wishes come true.


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