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  • David Tyrer

Carra: Man City won't drop points in last two games

According to Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, Man City aren't going to lose their last two games, and if they're going to drop points anywhere it'll be in their next two away matches.

Reds were hoping for Spurs to take a couple of points off our title rivals on Saturday but the fates - and officials - were once again on City's side.

But they face another 2 league games this week, starting with their city derby in 2 days, before visiting Burnley on Saturday. And Jamie Carragher thinks this is where the points could be dropped by Guardiola's side.

Speaking following the match last night, he said: "Liverpool will beat Huddersfield on Friday and Man City know that. I think the title will be decided, whether City win it or not, in the next two games.

"If City win the next two matches, I don't think they will drop points in the last two."

The Reds will take on Huddersfield on Friday night, a game which is seen as the easiest of both side's title runs and Liverpool fans will be hoping for a big win to close the goal-difference and further put pressure on City in their final few games of the season.

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