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  • David Tyrer

Carra: Klopp doesn't get enough credit for improving his Liverpool signings

He's not wrong either, is he?

Because it's something Liverpool fans have been saying for the past 18 months, with - Takumi Minamino aside - is about how long it's been since we last signed a senior player.

According to the former Liverpool defender, Jurgen Klopp's ability to pluck a decent-good player out of relative obscurity and polish them into a diamond doesn't get enough credit.

Although Liverpool have spent a lot of money on the likes of Alisson and Virgil Van Dijk, his 'bargains' have been just as successful, if not more so.

He said, following our latest win over Spurs last night: "The thing about the recruitment is, it's been fantastic and Liverpool are looked at as the model now for recruitment, but the thing is when we say recruitment, you look at every team and we say 'if you don't get your recruitment right, you're finished'.

"It's not that Liverpool are buying players with a special ability that nobody else can see these players, Roberton from Hull. Wijnaldum got relegated, Robertson got relegated. Salah had been at Chelsea, Mane was in the Premier League for a few years with Southampton.

"You're looking at it and it's not like Liverpool are going to the best clubs in the world and buying players. It's okay buying players but it's what you do when you've got them. I think we forget that sometimes when we talk about Manchester United's recruitment in the last few years or other teams.

"Once you've got that player, you've got to improve that player. That's what Jurgen Klopp doesn't get enough credit for. The work as a coach, Liverpool aren't buying superstars, they're making superstars."

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