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  • David Tyrer

Calcio Napoli: Several clubs (including Liverpool) agree deal 'in principal'.. more Pepe nonsense?

So the latest reports on Nicolas Pepe are that Lille and Liverpool have agreed a deal 'in principal' for the transfer of the player. It's now just up to him to decide if he wants the move.

The report comes from Calcio Napoli, who appear to be going off of some obscure reports from France, so it's unclear who is providing the information from a rough translation. However, they also state that a deal has been agreed with Napoli and three other clubs.

One of those clubs is Liverpool, who have apparently agreed an £80 million fee for the player. And this is where a small deal makes it a bit more interesting, with claims that 15% of the fee will go to Pepe's old side Angers.

All things considered, Calcio Napoli report that it is now up to the player to decide where he wants to play.

Our view? It's plainly nonsense. We know that we're likely to sign at least one first team player, but this deal would go against everything Klopp has stated about potential signings and no 'big signings'.

Pepe would fill in a big hole we have across the front, and add more quality and pace to our attack but it's just too unlikely that a move like this would be sanctioned. But, we said the same about Alisson, then he was signed a few days after staunch denials.

Smells like nonsense to us, but let's just wait and see.




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