• David Tyrer

Breaking news: Premier League suspended til 3rd April

It was news we all more or less saw coming, but the announcement has been made in the last 15 minutes that the Premier League will be suspended.

Along with the EFL, the FA has announced that all domestic football will cease until 3rd April. When it will no doubt simply be reviewed again, rather than go straight ahead.

The news comes barely a day after it came out that several Premier League players had been diagnosed, with many others self-isolating, and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was diagnosed too.

It'll be a disappointment for paying fans, and LFC fans who have waited 30 years to see the Reds win a league title but some things are simply more important than football.

The news arrives on the heels of a similar announcement from UEFA, who has postponed all European football for the next week, at least. But it will likely follow other football associations in postponing all football for the next few weeks or months shortly.


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