• David Tyrer

Breaking: Liverpool FC are Champions for the 19th time!

It's been a long bloody wait, three months longer that it probably should've been, but rivals Chelsea have ensured that Liverpool have won the title tonight, without even having to play!

Liverpool led Man City by 23 points before the suspension of football back in March, and after a draw with Everton on Sunday, saw that lead cut down to 20 points.

But after beating Palace last night, Liverpool needed just two more points - for City to drop 2 more points - to confirm themselves at Premier League champions.

Against all the odds and expectations though, Chelsea have beaten Manchester City, making sure that Liverpool can't - mathematically - be caught and have won the league with 7 games to play.

For the Reds it's now a case of how many points, records and individual honours we can amass in a season that'll see us finish with the Premier League, World Club Cup and Euro Super Cup.

But, as in our former glory decades, the hard work for next season will start in earnest as Liverpool will immediately start thinking about how to go about retaining the title next season. For the fans - and players - though, now it's time for the belated celebrations!


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