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  • David Tyrer

Breaking: Bobby Duncan to join Fiorentina permanently from Liverpool

Well, it appears that the stamping of feet, gnashing of teeth and burning of as many bridges as possible by Duncan's agent has worked, as the young forward is set to join Fiorentina permanently.

In the aftermath of the claims made my the player's agent, Saif Rubie, on social media early last week, many fans attacked the player's agent, who isn't new to this sort of behaviour. He claimed that Michael Edwards was bullying the player and that Liverpool were damaging his mental health.

The 18 year will move on a permanent basis for a fee reported to be around £2 million, with the club also receiving a hefty 20% of any future sell-on fees. We can all agree that's a big profit on the £200,000 we 'paid' for the player 12 months ago.

While it's a shame that it ended this way, in reality, its probably the best for all parties as the player clearly felt he was good enough for first-team football right now but just wasn't going to get near the Liverpool team at this point.

More importantly, acting (or reacting) the way he and his agent did won't have made those prospects any more likely either. An 18 year old how in a year or two could've been playing regularly for his boyhood team and emulating his cousin.

But now he'll move on to Fiorentina, where its likely hell spend as much time on the Serie A side's bench as he did in our U23s last season.

The news was broken by both Paul Joyce and James Pearce in the last 30 minutes and is likely to be the Reds last outgoing of the day, as the European transfer deadline swiftly approaches.

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