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  • David Tyrer

Bobby likely to be in LFC squad against Watford

Perhaps almost as disappointing as that nil-nil draw at Old Trafford at the weekend was seeing Bobby Firmino limp off before half-time.

Early indications after the match were that it was a bad one for Firmino, with Klopp suggesting as much after the match.

The fact that we'd gone almost 48 hours since the match without any sort of formal club update also seemed to indicate that it was a pretty bad one, especially having seen the forward's ankle twist the way it did during the replays.

But an update from Klopp today will delight Reds fans up and down the land. Speaking during his pre-match press conference, Jurgen said: "We play tomorrow and it will be very close for that, but there’s a big chance for the derby [on Sunday].

"Because it’s Bobby, I would say ‘yes [there is a chance for Watford]’, but I don’t know if I would use that chance because we played Sunday and then Wednesday immediately.

"Writing Bobby off is a big mistake because he recovers pretty quick."

He may not start against Watford, with Shaqiri or Keita probably options in his absence, but we'd be surprised if he didn't start from the bench.

Having our Brazilian street-fighter fit for the Derby is likely to be more important at this point and a night off may do him good. But it'll take more than an ankle injury to keep Bobby out.

Firmino could be fit in time to face Watford tomorrow night

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