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  • David Tyrer

Bobby Duncan seemingly attempts to burn more bridges with LFC

Good God, who'd have thought that the 'saga' of the summer would involve a talented (albeit not quite there yet) 18 year old who has not yet made his first-team debut?

We didn't and we're sure you didn't see that coming either. But it is what it is and Duncan - and his agent - appear hellbent on burning every last bridge back to Anfield.

As is the way with these things, it's a lot of veiled messages, sub-tweets, etc. that wind the fans up and no doubt don't make the club feel too fondly about the player either.

So it was the case, with Duncan tweeting this late last night, stating that 'Someone finally understands!!'. But when you're using Andy Townsend and Tim Sherwood to prove your point, you should be a little concerned:

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