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  • David Tyrer

Blue graffiti sprayed on LFC star Alexander-Arnold's mural

We've all heard the popular (amongst Everton fans) turn of phrase 'that's Kopite behaviour', which is applied to everything from singing at the match, to have flags and banners.

But perhaps the most 'Blue-sh*te behaviour' thing we can think of has occurred overnight, as it has emerged that Everton fans have sprayed blue graffiti on Trent's mural.

21 year old local lad Alexander-Arnold has been a regular for Klopp's team for the past two and a half seasons, and England regular and Champions League winner:

In true Evertonian style though, they can't even have a bit of respect for a local lad who's done well for himself at their rival club.

The word 'Kopite' was sprayed in blue spray-paint across the right-back's mural on Sybil Street. The Liverpool Echo claims it's not possible to identify the culprits, which is probably true, but it's highly unlikely to be fans of his own club so we it's fairly obvious who they are.

But according to the local paper, fans of both clubs have come out and attacked the people who defaced the mural, which is also in support of the local food bank.

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