• David Tyrer

Bleacher Report 'insider' claims Timo Werner to Liverpool 'will happen'

It's that time of the week again, as the topic of Timo Werner has arisen. Will he, won't he, move to Liverpool. Or anywhere. Or just stay at RB Leipzig.

But if you believe what so-called 'football insider', Dean Jones, of the Bleacher Report Timo Werner is almost a certainty to join Liverpool. It's just a case of how long the current pandemic has held up the move.

In an 'Ask Me Anything', Jones was asked: How close is Liverpool to signing Werner? Any chance he'll go to another club?

To which he answered: "Everything I'm hearing is that this WILL happen.

"The only confusion comes with this pause in activity and how hard it is to negotiate and have discussions right now because of the travel ban.

"I'm told Werner is desperate to play in the Premier league. I know he's linked with a lot of English clubs, but if he's going to come he has to go to a team that's really challenging.

"Plus there's the lure of Klopp, so that make Liverpool his top destination. If he leaves Lepzig, which is looking likely, it's his only real landing spot."

So there you have it Reds, Werner is coming to Liverpool. It's on. Until tomorrow, when the claims are once again refuted by somebody at the Echo.


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