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  • David Tyrer

Bitter former 'rival' predicts Liverpool to be 'asterisk' Champions

It's been a long-time since anybody's actually heard his name, that many younger Reds may not actually know how he is. But Lawrie Sanchez has weighed in on this debate today.

According to the former Wimbledon player and failed manager, Liverpool will only be Champions with an asterisk, as he doesn't see the Premier League getting underway again this season.

Liverpool, obviously, are just 2 wins away from confirming the title. A feat which has an almost 100% likelihood of happening. But some rivals still refuse to accept that the title will be ours, regardless of whether the season is played to it's completion (or not).

Sanchez, obviously harbouring a lot of bitterness towards us still, has had his say when speaking to the Irish Independent. He said: "For me, the plans they are putting together will not become reality and the season will never be finished.

"Sergio Aguero came out and said he was worried about returning to football while we are still in the middle of this and he won't be alone."

I'm sorry here but you can almost guarantee that Aguero wouldn't be half as concerned if City had a 25 point lead at the top of the table.

Sanchez went on: "I don't think players will be put up with being quarantined and not allowed out of a team hotel for two months and if they go home after training, maybe living with older people, and that means a lot of players will opt out of playing.

"That means playing weakened teams, in empty stadiums and all teams playing at neutral grounds. Do we really want to watch that?

"Then what happens when it turns out that a player or a manager or even a physio has contracted the virus? Does the whole team need to be quarantined for two weeks and all their matches put back?"

He goes on to add: "I think you can declare Liverpool as champions, but you would have to have them as champions with an asterisk forever.

"It is ironic that Klopp was the manager pushing more than anyone else for a winter break and since they had that interruption in the season, Liverpool lost all their momentum and the dip in form and the time taken out of the season means they could have won the league by now if they didn't have that break.

"If the league is not completed, I don't think anyone would object to them being champions as they are so far ahead at the top, but there will always be that mark against them because they never quite got over the finishing line."

Can't you almost taste the bitterness oozing out of the 60 year old's pores? Liverpool's 'lost momentum' and 'dip in form' had seen us extend our lead to a record breaking 25 points from second place.

We lost a single game all season, shortly after the winter break but it was an inevitability. Something not even City's team of 2 seasons ago was able to avoid.

But don't let that get in the way of Lawrie's minor excitement at our 'ruined' title celebrations because of an asterisk.

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