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  • David Tyrer

Bernardo Silva has hissy fit on Twitter - MEN predictably backs him up

As if Man City losing to the weakest team left in the Champions League quarter-final last night wasn't hilarious enough, Bernardo Silva has hit out at Liverpool fans on Twitter tonight.

The Spaniard rubbed Reds fans the world over more than once in the last couple of seasons. Firstly, by joining in with a rather tasteless and crass rendition of a song Man City fans had been singing about Mo Salah being injured and Liverpool fans being attacked.

City players claimed they didn't know the significance of the song afterwards, but we've seen how classless the club and it's staff has proven to be, at times.

Then he refused to clap Liverpool's players during our guard of honour after winning the title, and Silva's fate was sealed amongst LFC fans.

So when was captured on video answering that he'd like to win the Champions League for his birthday, the responses were predictable after City crashed out last night.

In response, Silva Tweeted:

Liverpool fans, obviously, couldn't help themselves, with fans of other rival clubs also piling on the Spanish star for his somewhat petty and childish lashing out.

It's also no surprise to read that the Manchester Evening News has taken to Silva's defence. Referring to LFC fans as 'online trolls' and adding that Silva was 'bombarded' by Liverpool fans after last night's game, is quite laughable.

However, it's LFC fans who have had the last laugh, with many finding the midfielder's need to Tweet such drivel quite hilarious. It seems that Liverpool and Manchester City's rivalry might reach another level next season.

Or, alternatively, their players could simply do what they've done ever year since Guardiola took over and bottle it when the pressure's on, before it even kicks off!

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