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  • David Tyrer

Barnes: You can't just give Liverpool the title

So, another day, another view aired about the situation over whether or not the season can be completed. And, if not, whether Liverpool should be given the title.

Today it's the turn of John Barnes, former Liverpool player, captain and outright legend. But his views will rankle with Reds slightly. As he doesn't agree about one, key thing.

Speaking on the subject of Liverpool's title challenge and what may happen, he told Sky Sports: "You can't just give Liverpool the title.

"What would Leeds and West Brom say? What would Fulham say if we promote those two?

"Whoever is in the bottom three of the Premier League, do they not get relegated and then the following season when we start again a team gets relegated?

"Safety is obviously the most important thing so I think the best thing to do is to allow this season to take as long as it does – there's no need to rush back as we're delaying the Euros until 2021.

"Even if you have to play one game a week from October which means managers complaining about playing so many games (will be OK).

"The end of this season goes on to maybe next January or February, then you have a pre-season, then you can kick-start at the right time rather than trying to cram games in and playing catch-up for years."




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