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  • David Tyrer

Atleti star Saul calls Liverpool players 'perros de presa'

It'll be our biggest challenge so far of 2020 when we take the field at the Wanda Metropolitano tomorrow night, but the home side know they're in for a fight too.

They may have lost a few of their star players, and more than a handful of their more experienced stars, but Atletico are no pushover still. Despite what La Liga may tell us.

And although Atletico star Saul claims they know a way to beat us, it still hasn't stopped up talking us up ahead of the match. We know how good we are, but it's always nice to hear it from others.

In an interview with the Guardian, he said: "They have those perros de presa [hunting dogs] in the middle who run, press. It’s not just running for the sake of running: they do things that aren’t normal and it looks disordered but it’s ordered, mechanised.

"One comes out here and you think: ‘That’s mad, why’s he there?.

"But the other man knows and comes from here. Klopp said they play with their heart, but it’s planned too. One breaks out to press, wild, but they follow.

"It’s very hard to escape when they come at you like that. It’s incredible: they press like animals, because they know that even if they get turned there will be seven of them running like mad to get back.

"Liverpool are very complete, a great team in every area [but] they find it hardest when you’re deep because they’re very, very, very good in transition.

"I watched them against Norwich and if it wasn’t for Mané’s extraordinary control, they don’t win. They’ve won lots of games they could have drawn or lost, which tells you something about what they have inside. It’s not luck. It’s work, sacrifice, not giving up a single ball for lost."

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