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  • David Tyrer

Another ex-Stoke flop takes dig at Shaqiri

It seemed, during the summer, that not a week would go by where a Stoke City player would take a pop at Xherdan Shaqiri.

Let's not forget, Stoke got relegated, and many of the players that had a go at him are either still there or got moved on because they simply weren't up to the job.

Now it's the turn of former LFC right-back Glen Johnson to have a go at the Liverpool winger who has had a struggled over the past few weeks.

The former England international told BBC Radio 5Live Football Podcast: "When things were going well, he’d be a big player for us and he’d perform. When things weren’t going well, he’d be hit and miss. That was obvious to see.

"Most likely. Jurgen won’t deal with it – he’ll put it to bed."

Purely in terms of ex-Liverpool players, that makes both Charlie Adam and Glen Johnson criticising Shaqiri's attitude, as if he threw a huge strop and wouldn't play.

But let us not forget, that Stoke's former manager Mark Hughes defended Shaqiri and said that if one or two more of his players had put in the Swiss superstar's effort, they'd have easily stayed up.

Also, during that season, Shaqiri managed 15 goals contributions in 36 Premier League games - far more than any other player.

He's struggled for matches lately, but he's still got 9 goal contributions - more than any other player outside of our front-3 who play pretty much 90 minutes each and every week.

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