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  • David Tyrer

Alisson on Club World Cup: 'This is important'

The big topic of discussion prior to Liverpool's participation in the FIFA Club World Cup was whether the trophy was important enough for Liverpool to all but abandon the league cup.

To Reds, it was a non-starter; this is an internationally known competition, which every other nation's teams that are involved are honoured to be taking part.

It's only in England where the competition is looked upon with disdain, which goes back to the first iteration in it's current format, when Man Utd pulled out of the FA Cup to take part.

For many, Liverpool should've sent a weak team and really challenged for the Carabao Cup. But that's just a nonsense argument. Particularly when you hear the views of our players, with Alisson talking about how important the competition is to the players.

He said (via the Mirror): "Yes it is. It is big for Brazilians but I think it is bigger for who is playing in the game. If you are on the outside of this competition, you don’t give it value.

"It is elite, it is just for the winners. Flamengo won the Libertadores. We won the Champions League, Monterrey won the CONCACAF.

"We have many other clubs who won big competitions. And we are here.

"We are making this big for us. This is important. It is important to make history and put our names in the club as the first time ever that Liverpool won it.

"We will try our best. You can feel how much Flamengo want this.

"The supporters are here. They have more than 10,000 fans on Tuesday. But this is not just big for them. This is big for us also. We want it. We want to win it. We will try our best to do it."

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