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  • David Tyrer

Alisson: Marbella training camp is good for LFC players

When a third warm weather training camp of the season was announced at the end of the season, many Liverpool fans groaned.

Once again, the team was off to warmer climes prior to a big game, something that hadn't produced great results the previous two times the squad had headed away.

This time around the squad is in Marbella, where they'll spend 10 days prior to the Champions League final on the 01st June.

But Alisson reckons that the training camp has (and will) only been a good thing. Speaking to, he said: "For preparation it is good for us, it keeps the mind free from outside things and for us, we can spend more time together, speak more and that is important to achieve great thing.

"It is the perfect weather to work. It is a bit hot compared to what we're used to, but it is the [same] weather we will find in Madrid, so it's good for us.

"I can't wait, since we finished the Premier League season, it was 20 days to prepare for this final. I am looking forward to playing in this big game, it is maybe the biggest game in my life."

You're not the only one, Alisson, most Reds have been counting the minutes and seconds since the Premier League season finished.

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