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  • David Tyrer

Alisson: LFC not focusing on rivals sides

Try telling any Red not to worry about Man City's results of late, and you'll probably find yourself talking to a brick wall.

So close is the 'race' at the moment, that it's resembling more of a marathon (as it should at this stage) and Liverpool fans across the world are losing the plot within minutes of kick-off.

But the Liverpool players all know that the title is still firmly in their hands, with just 12 games remaining, and are very relaxed about the upcoming big fixtures.

None more so than the team's number 1. Alisson was discussing the current Premier League situation with Sky Sports this afternoon, and he said: "We believe we can win the league.

"We've shown in the past that we're good enough and we'll continue to show this in the games we've got to come.

"Our pressure is the same. We take things game by game without worrying about what our opponents are doing.

"Everyone wants to win this league but at Liverpool our concern is winning games and not dropping points.

"We don't think about Man City, we think about ourselves. We only think about what we can do and how things are moving forward."

The Reds can, of course, return back to the top of the Premier League this Saturday by picking up the points against Bournemouth at Anfield. Man City, meanwhile, will feature against Chelsea at the Etihad on Sunday.

The keeper spoke to Sky Sports about the team's title chase

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