• David Tyrer

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain disappointed in his Liverpool display

It'll be words that will please his manager Jurgen Klopp, as Reds midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had a bit of a go at himself post-match.

Klopp is always pushing his players to improve themselves, for the good of the team, and that is exactly what he saw stand out in Oxlade-Chamberlain in a star-studded Arsenal team.

He may have scored last night, but the former Arsenal man was far from happy with how he played last night.

He said (via the Liverpool Echo): "I think today quality-wise I was a bit disappointed with myself.

"There were times where stuff came off but going into games I know what I want to do, what my strengths are, how I want to get into positions, and when you get into those positions that’s your time to do what you want to do.

"You don’t get much time and there’s not really much margin for error but that’s what we train for, to get into those areas and then when you get in there be a bit tighter with your passing.

"There were a few times where my touch wasn’t as good as I’d have liked and when I get into those pockets that’s what I’m in the team to do."

He actually spot on too, as that was what much of the criticism of his display was during the match, although he is being a little harsh on himself.

It's clearly been a long road back from a bad injury for the player, and it won't be a matter of weeks but many months before we see the player that burst onto the scene in the second half of his first season at Anfield.

He continued: "When I get a chance to play, my role in this team is to try and obviously help defensively and do my bit with that but also attacking is my time to do what I can. That’s where I’d probably be a little bit disappointed at times.

"I still need to do more, I think we all do. There were moments today when we weren’t really happy with being a bit sloppy and not as tight as we’d like with some of the passing, some decision making at times.

"We were a bit disappointed, especially at half-time we weren’t happy. I think in the second half we had a little bit more joy, after the second goal West Ham sort of came out a little bit and it was a bit more open, they weren’t quite as compact so that gave us a little bit more space.

But there were still moments where we’d like to tighten up but that’s what we’ve got to keep striving for, to keep improving."


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