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  • David Tyrer

Aldo reckons we should trust in Klopp & FSG to know what they're doing

What a rather strange opinion to have: we should trust Klopp and FSG; the men that have delivered us European, World and - soon - English Premier League domination.

The outcry and, no, it was more of a tantrum, from a large portion of LFC fans last week when news broke that Timo Werner looked likely to sign for Chelsea was quite palpable.

With every passing week, it looked more and more likely that the 23 year old would be a Liverpool player before too long. But things very quickly changed.

But according to former Liverpool striker and club legend, John Aldridge, it's time we put our trust and faith in FSG and Jurgen Klopp to get it right.

Writing in his Liverpool Echo column tonight, he wrote: "Like many Liverpool fans I was disappointed at the news it looks like we won't be signing Timo Werner but we just have to trust the manager.

"Things have happened in the past where the Reds haven't been able to bring in the players that we wanted who fans had maybe already set their heart on.

"But going on what Jurgen's said, finances for all clubs are going to be hard for some time and, frustrating though it is for supporters, we have to rely on the expertise of those in charge at Liverpool to do what's best for the club.

"We know Liverpool as an institution are run very, very well these days and, while they are prepared to spend money, they are always going to try to balance the books and will not get themselves in over their heads."

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