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  • David Tyrer

Alan Brazil: Salah is an assassin, should've seen red

So, talkSport's resident shouty, racist, good old Scot is at it again with another ridiculous attack on Mo Salah.

According to Brazil, Mo should've been sent off for his 'challenge' on Porto captain Danilo last night and likened him to an assassin.

Speaking on talkSport's 6am show, he said: "Salah was very, very fortunate.

"That’s a red card in today’s game. You know when you go ‘ooh’ – you, know, he was just very assassin-like.

"If you go back through time, Liverpool, at Anfield, have had some incredible decisions. But the crowd do put referees under pressure."

So basically, Mo is a nasty, fouling assassin and Anfield puts pressure on referees to let our players away with murder. If that was the case, we'd probably have won 30 league titles by now!

But Brazil has never been one to let simple things like fact get in the way of his anti-'foreign' narrative, and Salah was getting it with both barrels once again this morning. We can only wonder what he had to say about the assault Harry Kane was on the end of last night!

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