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  • David Tyrer

Adam Lallana the 'most wanted man in football'

While it perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise, Adam Lallana is a very wanted man. Only those Liverpool fans who exist in a world of 'love' and 'hate', don't seem to rate him.

Many Reds these days (often young football fans) either love a player, or hate him. There's no middle ground. He's either shite, or world class.

But Adam Lallana fill another role, in that he's a talented player, can fill a number of roles and is tactically sound; something Jurgen Klopp loves about him.

So for us, it's no surprise to hear that he's apparently 'the most wanted man in football'. At least that's according to Football Insider.

Apparently, most Premier League clubs have now joined teams from Spain and Italy in wanting Lallana, who's signature is now more valued because of the financial implications of the pandemic.

It's almost a certainty that Lallana will be given a short-term contract extension to see out the current season but after that, it's likely he will be on his way.

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