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  • David Tyrer

'90% of our people' back transfer policy - Jurgen Klopp

It's sure to incite a few idiots, but it's hard to disagree with Jurgen really, considering the man has just taken us to another Champions League trophy.

Add to it the highest points total in a top flight season, and another final the year before (not to mention the Europa and League Cup finals too).

So when this summer arrived fans were excited at the (slightly ridiculous) prospects of signing players like Mbappe and Griezmann.

In reality, the boss felt that not much was needed. And it's been said many times, that unless he believes a player can significantly improve the squad, he won't move for a player.

It remains to be seen whether the manager will be proven right, but in the mean time he has far too much faith from the fan base to question his logic right now.

And speaking ahead of the game against Norwich City tonight, he said: "Is it a gamble? No.

"I really think it makes sense to keep this team together but we have to prove that.

"If we had bought new players people might ask ‘after you played last season like this you send some of them away?’

"We have to make our decisions based on our expectations of what we think we can do this year. By the way, the history of Liverpool does not end this season.

"We will judge the season and see what we have to do. Maybe then it will be easier to find improvement."

Despite the relative inactivity in the market, in terms of senior players being signed, the club did bring in talented youngsters in Sepp van den Berg and Harvey Elliott. Whilst Spanish stopper Adrian was brought in on a free transfer as a late replacement for Simon Mignolet.

But Klopp is fully of the belief that 90% of the fan base backs the club's decision over transfers this summer. He continued: "Around 90% of our people are with us with the transfer policy – 10% maybe not, but they are on social media.

"They are constantly worried people. If you sign a player they ask is it the right player.

"You cannot sign just because people want you to sign someone. This team is a good age with space for improvement.

"If we had found the solution for problems we might have during the season we would have done it. It was not there for a reasonable price. We always do it like that.

"Nobody should think we did not look. It is not that we are not negotiating like crazy as well in these times, but finding the right solution is more difficult the better the team gets."

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